It has higher chromium grade of the nickel-bearing, hardenable, stainless steel by high mechanical properties.


%C %Si %Mn %P %S Cr Ni Ti Cu
0.11-0.17 Max0.8 Max0.8 Max0.03 Max0.025 16-18 1.5-2.5 Max0.2 Max0.3


Hot working:

Forging temperature range: 1230-850℃

Note: Heat to 1230 ℃. Do not forge below 850.

Heat treatment:

annealing ℃ Normalizing ℃ Hardening temperature for quenching in Water ℃
Full annealing is not recommended. Recommended temperature for annealing is 620-705 Don’t normalize 980


Main application:

High strength mechanical engineering components
Shape of product:

Round, flat, step shape, ring, disc, shaft, other shape depend on customer needs