1.2711 5HNM /5XHM


1.2711 is generally used in the plastic industry. Also, it has good mechanical characteristics (hot and cold)





%C %Si %Mn %P %S %Co %Cr %Mo %Ni %V %W %Ti
0,50-0,60 0,15-0,35 0,50-0,80 0,025 0,025 0,60-0,80 0,25-0,35 1,50-1,80 0,07-0,12


Hot working:

Forging temperature range: 1200-850℃

Note: Heat to 1200 ℃. Do not forge below 850.
Heat treatment:

annealing Hardness HB30 hardeninig tempering temper hardness(HRC)
660-700 225 850-880 620-700


Main application:

Big dies for artificial resin, eventually without subsequent heat-treatment
Shape of product:

Round, flat, step shape, ring, disc other shape depend on customer needs