1.0254 41Cr4


This grade is medium-carbon, chromium steel with low, direct hardenability. This steel is used when superior properties is desired. Applications include fasteners-high strength screws, bolts, cap screws, and recessed-head screws- and severely cold headed, upset, and extruded parts. This grade is available as hot worked and cold finished bar, rod, and wire; hot and cold rolled sheet and strip; seamless mechanical tubing; and bar subject to end quench hardenability requirements.

Standard Designation Grade, Class, Type, Symbol or Name Steel Product Form/ Heat Treatment Thickness Yield Strength, min Tensile Strength, min Elongation, min, % Other
Number t, mm t, in. N/mm2 or MPa ksi N/mm2 or MPa ksi
EN 10217-1:2002 P235TR2 1.0255 EN 10217-1:2002 ≤ 16 235 360-500 25 L; 23 T see standard
        16 < t ≤ 40 225        




%C %Si %Mn %P %S %Cr %Mo %Ni  % B
0,38-0,45 ≤0,40 0,60-0,90 0,035 0,035 0,90-1,20

Hot working:

Forging temperature range: 1150-850℃
Note: Heat to 1200 ℃. Do not forge below 850.
Heat treatment:

Soft annealing ℃ HB 30-soft annealed Normalizing ℃ Hardening temperature for quenching in Water ℃ Hardening temperature for quenching in Oil ℃ Tempering temperature ℃
680-720 241 840-880 820-850 830-860 540-680


Main application:

Axles, axle journals, control components for cold upsetting and for cold extrusion
Shape of product:

Round, flat, step shape, ring, disc, shaft, other shape depend on customer needs