ASTM A350 Grade LF2 is a general Carbon steel by moderate strength and impact toughness usually supplied this condition:


Normalized and Tempered

Quench and Tempered condition.

Standard Designation Grade, Class, Type, Symbol or Name Steel  Number UNS Number Product  Form/Heat  Treatment Yield Strength, min Tensile Strength, min Elongation, min, % Other
N/mm2 or MPa N/mm2 or MPa
ASTM A 350/A 350M-02b LF2, Class 1 K03011 N, NT, or QT 250 485-655 22 20 J at -46°C
LF2, Class 2 27 J at -18°C



%C %Si %Mn %P %S Cr Mo Ni V Nb Cr+Mo Cu
Max0.3 0.15-0.3 0.6-1.35 0.035 0.05 Max0.3 max0.12 Max0.4 Max0.08 Max0.2 max0.32 Max0.4


Hot working:

Forging temperature range: 1100-850℃
Note: Heat to 1200 ℃. Do not forge below 850..
Heat treatment:

Normalizing ℃ Hardening temperature for quenching in Water ℃ Tempering temperature ℃
860-920 890-960 590


Main application:

Flanges and fittings, and applications which require cold temperature service where corrosion resistance is not important.
Shape of product:

Round, other shape depend on customer needs